Hello! My name is Matt McGuinness, co-owner of Fine Idea Studio, LLC. Even at my first job as a golf professional, I had a passion for photography.  I became the unofficial photographer for the golf course, taking scenic shots of the course, along with photos of the events.  Before anyone knew the word "drone", I was hanging out of a plane, taking aerial shots of the golf course.


I left the golf business in 2007 to make creative services my career.  I started in video production at a time when "tapes" were still a thing, and for the past ten years I've made hundreds of videos for various businesses.  

For the past 5 years, I've been the lead of TV & Video Production at the Kunes Country Auto Group. In 2018, we were awarded an American Advertising Award (Addy) for a Regional/National TV Spot under 2 minutes. In 2019, we were blessed again with another win for a Regional TV Spot with a budget under $5,000. In 2020, our video produced with the Walworth County Fairgrounds won 1st Place Outstanding Video by the International Association of Fairs and Expos.

My beautiful wife, Megan and I started Fine Idea Studio so we can reach more people and help them grow their businesses.  

Contact us today to get started, we look forward to helping you with your next Fine Idea!


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Creative Specialist

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